August 13, 2014

08/13: Brainwave Training and Lumosity

By mandee

Last week we sponsored a booth at the Parkhill School District Benefits Fair. It was a great event and offered many people the chance to learn more about brainwave training and even try it out for themselves. Today, I want to answer a question I was asked repeatedly throughout the fair: “Is this like Lumosity?”

For those of you who have not heard of Lumosity, it is an online program that helps a person train different areas of cognitive skill through games. It suggests participating in about 20 minutes of activity, 3x per week to improve areas like memory, attention, organizing information, and planning. Many people use it as a kind of “mental workout” in the hopes of keeping the brain healthy and possibly ward off diseases of aging, like Alzheimer’s disease. Lumosity trains the brain through repetition of tasks, which change in difficulty as appropriate to the user. This constant repetition is thought to encourage connections between neurons for those specific tasks. Lumosity requires you to actively engage in the activities in order to reap the benefits. There is also the possibility that without continued training, you can lose the benefits you have achieved.

What we do at our office is very different. We are looking at the electrical activity of your brain. This is one of the most basic processes of brain function. When the electrical activity of your brain isn’t working properly, it is very difficult for anything else to work well either. For example, if your brain is producing an abundance of delta (sleep) waves in your frontal lobe while you are trying to focus on the instructor in math class, no amount of “attention training” will help resolve it. You will continue to create excess delta waves and you will continue to fight to stay awake and remember everything that was said in class.

During NeurOptimal ® Brain Spa sessions, you don’t have to be an active participant in order for the training to help. In fact, the more you relax into the sessions, the more effective your training will be. You don’t have to “do” anything to improve your brain function; your brain does the work for you by responding to the information that is provided to it by the technology. And the benefits you gain from these technologies will stay with you long term. The only time you may need to repeat sessions is if you have a trauma (like a car accident) or are in a very emotionally stressful situation (such as a death in the family).

The best part about brainwave training is that it places your brain in an optimal state for learning. What do we mean by this? When your brain is able to generate the correct waves for thinking and learning, along with producing the proper amount of sleep waves at bedtime, it will be in a place where it is better able to receive the information you want to give it. That information can be in the form of learning a new skill, completing an educational program, or even boosting your cognitive reserve with games like those offered through Lumosity.

Trying to teach a brain with unbalanced electrical activity is putting the cart before the horse. Use brainwave training first to optimize your learning potential. Then, you’re free to pursue any learning or cognitive fitness program you desire!

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