March 17, 2015

3/10: The Tyranny of Commitment

By mandee

Today I was searching my online photo subscription account for something that would visually describe the word “commitment”. I knew I would probably have about 5,000 wedding related pictures to wade through, but was completely unprepared for what I ultimately found.
For the word “commitment”, I was treated to several images of people with handguns pointed at their heads. Oooookay….what else might I find? Ah, a few pictures of faceless men wielding knives. Interspersed throughout all of this were pictures of Jesus. At what presumably was the Last Supper.
So, based on this website’s algorithms, the word “commitment” is synonymous to being shot, stabbed, or executed. Nice.
This led me to start thinking about how daunting commitment is for people. Think about it: when you commit to something, you are saying that you are going to see it through to the end. No matter how rough, tough, or scary it gets, you will do your part and uphold your end of the bargain. That’s what a commitment is all about.
As time has gone on, I have begun to realize that many things I thought were “necessary” commitments weren’t really as crucial as I thought. They were ways of pleasing other people and bolstering my own ego. Sometimes, my “helping” actually didn’t support others at all because it kept them from being responsible for their own experience. And in the long run, it wore me out and caused me to eventually resent those I was “helping”.
Since that realization, I have started to look at where in my life I can commit to myself. It might be my workout, my brain training time, or even when I practice obedience lessons with Logan. And while it may seem “selfish” at first, I’ve learned that in the long run, committing to myself in ways that support my own health and happiness spill over into positive and supportive experiences for others.
What is a commitment you can make to yourself that will have positive effects on those around you?  Share in the comments below!