Book Review: The Presence Process

Presence Process

Today, I’d like to review a book that I found to be very helpful following my own brain training. It is, “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown.

On the blog this past week, we’ve talked a lot about how important it is to pick goals that really speak to you in order to succeed with them. But, how does one know if a goal is truly their heart’s desire or is really a means to please someone else?

When the brain isn’t balanced it can be very hard to make such a determination. Unbalanced brains are often over-emotional brains; they are many times in a state of constant reaction to past events and engaged in worry over future events. In this state, a person often chooses goals in the misguided attempt to relieve such drama.

Following brain balancing, emotionally, the brain is in an optimal place for setting goals. However, after a lifetime of imbalance, many people are unsure of how to proceed with new behaviors, especially when the dominant culture and unbalanced others around them continue to exhibit drama-induced reactionary behavior.

Enter Michael Brown and his revolutionary book, “The Presence Process”. Brown argues that much of our current unhappiness lies in our inability to live in the current moment, without coloring it with reactions derived from our past experiences and fears of the future.

Brown’s process involves ten weeks of connected breathing, supportive text, and increased awareness of our emotional responses triggered by current events that are reflections of our past traumas. By engaging in the process, one can gain awareness of when one is reacting to situations out of perceived fear, anger, or grief. One then learns how to respond to events rationally and positively. One also learns how to identify the root causes of fear, anger, and grief and to integrate those feelings so they no longer have the ability to control our behavior.

I was introduced to “The Presence Process” after my brain balancing sessions and have been practicing the principles of it for the past two years. I have to say that it greatly enhanced what I had already gained in brain training. Not only has it helped me to maintain a balanced brain, but it has radically altered my approach to current situations in my environment.

“The Presence Process” is available at and can be read in traditional print or Kindle version. It also can be purchased through Namaste publishing or off the official website Check it out and let me know what you think!

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