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03/13: Is this Normal?

“Is this normal?” I think this is the number one question I hear in our office. It can be related to a number of things, but most often clients ask it in regard to their experiences of brainwave training. People

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Book Review: The Presence Process

Today, I’d like to review a book that I found to be very helpful following my own brain training. It is, “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown. On the blog this past week, we’ve talked a lot about how important

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01/10: Five Ways to Add Mindfulness to Goal Setting

Today I came across a nice article about goal setting by Dagmar Shoenrock. In his blog post “Creating Spiritual Level of Goal Setting”, he advocates using the power of intention along with setting goals. I like the concept of the

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01/08: What If Your Goals Were Really Your Own?

While chatting with someone the other day about goal setting, she made an interesting point: “Although I sometimes don’t meet my goals because I fall off the wagon, other times it’s just that I lose interest. I know it’s something

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