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3/10: The Tyranny of Commitment

Today I was searching my online photo subscription account for something that would visually describe the word “commitment”. I knew I would probably have about 5,000 wedding related pictures to wade through, but was completely unprepared for what I ultimately

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Why Your Stress Never Works Out the Way You Plan

We’re all stressed, and why wouldn’t we be? We live in 21st Century America. We’ve got stuff to do. And stuff has to be done and not just now, but yesterday. Because bosses, kids, school, groceries, husbands, wives… Yikes! Yuck.

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06/09: When the Internet is Wonky

Today, I am writing this post to you from the land of no Internet. (Obviously, if you are reading it now, you can easily make the conclusion that I eventually found said Internet.) We’ve had some storms recently where I

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01/23: Too Busy

“Too Busy” has been my mantra for a VERY long time. It started when I was a child. I belonged to 4-H, participated in church youth group, took swim lessons, played rec league sports (I was terrible), and performed in

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10/17: The Difference a Chair Can Make!

One of the things that tickles me a bit about our office is when people come in and get their first chance to sit in our training chair. They love it! Enough to comment on it. All the time. We

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