January 2, 2017

Stupid Choices From My 20 Year Old Self

By mandee

When I was twenty, I made some stupid choices.  No, they aren’t the kind of “stupid choices” you’re thinking of.  I was a good kid.  I never got in trouble.  I didn’t drink and my experience with drugs was only in relation to the gossip that surrounded the “bad kids” in town.

No, I made a different kind of stupid decision.  The kind of stupid decisions that are encouraged by our society.  The kind of stupid decisions that people are praised for making.  I made decisions based on pleasing my parents and fitting in with society.

At the time, I didn’t know any better.  I thought that following what my teachers and parents said, I would end up with a good job and a happy life.  So, I picked a career that my parents approved of because they thought it would bring prestige and money.  I gave up pursuing anything that made me truly happy because it didn’t fit in a little box.  I was told I could do those things as hobbies, never realizing that when you are an adult there’s usually no time and often no money for such things.  It lead me into an adulthood of extreme unhappiness.  And because the economy changed, the guarantee of a steady income and job security vanished.

As I look back on my time in my twenties, I can now see several reasons for having made the decisions I did.  I was completely disconnected from any kind of “inner knowing” or my Higher Self.  I had no sense of purpose other than I was supposed to earn money and make my parents proud.  The concepts of spiritual integration, connection to my true self, and making decisions from a place of response instead of reaction were completely unheard of.  The result was a very painful early adulthood which launched me onto my spiritual quest.

This quest resulted in the acquisition of various tools to change my experience, including brain training.  I make more conscious choices now.  I have learned to respond to my experience as opposed to reacting to it.  I am now in contact with my Higher Self on more occasions than not.   My life isn’t perfect, but I can definitely say that it is much, much better than when I started out. 

Maybe you’ve done this too.  Perhaps you have built a life around the expectations of others.  Or maybe you made choices that you thought would make life easier, but found out that it was not the case.   In any event, the best thing to know is that it is never too late to change.  The trick is to not keep choosing from those old places, fears, or desires.  The way to change your experience is to connect with your true self and make choices from that place.  You will be amazed by what happens.