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08/13: Brainwave Training and Lumosity

Last week we sponsored a booth at the Parkhill School District Benefits Fair. It was a great event and offered many people the chance to learn more about brainwave training and even try it out for themselves. Today, I want

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07/23: How Will I Know It’s Working?

Sarah* called our office because a friend had referred her for training. She was amazed at all the changes her friend experienced, yet was still skeptical about the process. “What would you like to see different in your life?” I

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01/22: Sleep and Brain Training

Before participating in brain training, my sleep was an absolute mess. I was unable to fall asleep at a decent hour. Just as I would close my eyes, my mind would begin to race. I worried about going to work

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01/13/2014: Sleep Problems = Thinking Problems

For the past six weeks, I have had the not-so-awesome experience of battling the flu (possibly swine flu, if local news articles are to be believed). This means that, thanks to a lovely fever and coughing episodes reminiscent of Capt.

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02/15: Insomnia

Today’s book tie-in is the Stephen King novel “Insomnia”.  It has been quite awhile since I have read this tome, but I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit this week in relation to the recent article in the New

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