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When I first started providing brainwave training, I was working with an 11 year old girl who struggled with sleep difficulties, attention problems, anxiety, and a diagnosis of Asperger’s. During her first session, the anxiety was quite apparent; she had

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02/15: Insomnia

Today’s book tie-in is the Stephen King novel “Insomnia”.  It has been quite awhile since I have read this tome, but I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit this week in relation to the recent article in the New

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02/14: Health, Wellness, and Sleep

Amber Merton, a health and fitness enthusiast, wrote an excellent blog article about how sleep is the cornerstone to good health.  (You can access the full article here: http://www.hivehealthmedia.com/sleep-as-the-cornerstone-to-good-health/) I love how in this article, she covers so many areas

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Walkin’ Around with a Better Brain

If you’ve been following my Facebook page you know that I have spent the past couple of weeks training my own brain. Since I finished the night before Thanksgiving, I decided to wait to post my results until today. (If

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