November 26, 2012

Walkin’ Around with a Better Brain

By mandee

If you’ve been following my Facebook page you know that I have spent the past couple of weeks training my own brain. Since I finished the night before Thanksgiving, I decided to wait to post my results until today. (If you haven’t been following, head on over this way and “Like” us:

For my entire adult life (and possibly during my childhood as well) I have struggled with anxiety, sleep problems, ADD, and OCD behaviors (which will make me a GREAT Infection Control Agent during the zombie apocalypse, since I really can’t do anything else). I discovered brainwave training about 4 1/2 years ago when I had my brain trained to address those issues. I had AMAZING results, which led me to become a provider as well. This time around, I trained my own brain to tweak some things that I still needed help with. This is what I discovered:

– Looking at the data, all of the gains I had made the first time I had my brain trained were still intact. I had not regressed to my former condition; for all intents and purposes those gains were permanent.

– There were issues that still needed to be addressed, which is why I needed this next round of sessions. From a personal level, this helped me to understand the process better: clients will most likely see positive changes in their first 10 sessions (what we call an Intensive) but more likely than not, they will need more than one Intensive to realize their goals.

– I still may need more sessions. Using the computer report and reading the data, I can now estimate the number of sessions a person may need to achieve their maximum potential (how cool is that?). Because of my OCD tendencies, I may need to have up to 50 sessions. However, since I know it works, I’m ok with that. It does take a time commitment, but if I can permanently change my brain that helps me to be happier and function better it’s worth it!

– This time the changes were subtle. When I first had my brain trained, I was SO out of balance that the results I experienced were immediate and profound. I knew right away that something was different; it literally felt like I had been given a brand new brain. This time, because I’m no longer so unbalanced, the changes were more subtle. I had to pay attention to how I felt during the process. After this experience, I would suggest anyone who comes to get their brain trained should keep a journal of how they feel during the Intensive and for up to a month afterward (because it can take that long for all of the changes to take effect.)

Speaking of how I felt during the training, despite being more low key it was still pretty awesome! Prior to this round of training I experienced some life circumstances (you know, like opening a new business, working a day job on top of that, learning vegan cooking, and BOTH the cat and the dog dying of old age within two weeks of each other) which, combined with the imbalances I still had, kind of upped my anxiety. (Ya think?!) THAT business has now been managed! I feel much calmer, am sleeping well, have a better handle on my professional work, and actually feel more at peace with the pet deaths. (Although the jury is still out on how I feel about vegan cooking…)

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