FAQ: Brainwave Training

Brainwave Training using NeurOptimal ® Dynamical Neurofeedback®

1. Question: How can brainwave training help me?
Answer: Brainwave training, using NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® is a non-invasive, safe method for managing stress while restoring serenity, confidence and wellness back into your life. This technology works with disruptions in the electrical activity that allows your neurons to communicate with each other. . Your brain already possesses everything you need for an exceptional quality of life. NeurOptimal® helps draw out this untapped potential to make “the good life” a reality. With NeurOptimal® sessions, over time, the brain learns to maneuver around instabilities — instead of just falling into them — resulting in increased flexibility and resilience, which results in a better quality of life for the client.

2. Question: Can I achieve the same results at home with one of the brain modification products currently available commercially?
Answer: While there are numerous gimmicks and various brainwave modification paraphernalia available to the home-user, these are mass-marketed products that force the brain into pre-programmed frequencies, pre-set by the device manufacturer.  These types of products are considered brain “entrainment” devices. Although the results vary from good (bringing the brain into balance) to neutral, the results can also be negative, as they can push the brain out of balance in other ways.

NeurOptimal® provides information to your brain about its own activity and the brain does its own reorganizing. While it is true you can sometimes get dramatic effects by pushing the brain in a particular way as other systems do, it is also very possible that you can push the brain into a de-stabilized state, resulting in unpleasant side effects. NeurOptimal® is designed differently. Simply giving the brain information rather than telling it what to do results in powerful shifts in a positive direction for the client, gently and easily. You can read more about this process by clicking here: https://brainfitness-tc.com/site/neuroptimal-brain-spa-sessions/how-it-works/.

3. Question: But I’ve had neurofeedback and/or biofeedback. Isn’t this the same thing?
Answer: Although there are similarities in that each of these modalities deals with creating healthier brain patterns, there are significant differences.  NeurOptimal® is a specialized and proprietary process that has been found to have measurable and relatively quick results in mitigating issues related to an imbalanced brain.  Dr. Cheshire Brown and Dr. Val Brown, the creators of Zengar’s NeurOptimal®, worked together for many years to create NeurOptimal®, a breakthrough technology creating an essentially side-effect free, 5th generation neurofeedback system which assists the brain in reaching optimal function.  Because we provide individualized training, and because NeurOptimal® is done “in real time,” there are no off-the-shelf approaches. Your experience is uniquely geared to you and your needs.

4. Question: What types of issues can be helped with Brainwave Training?
Answer: Brainwave Training using NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® can provide a multitude of benefits for the brain and body including:

  • improved sleep
  • heightened mental clarity
  • enhanced cognitive performance
  • reduced worry and anxiety
  • improved mood
  • increased focus and attention
  • decreased need for alcohol, illegal drugs, and other substances
  • improved ability to manage ADD/ADHD

In fact, the American Pediatric Academy has endorsed neurofeedback(aka EEG biofeedback) as a “Level 1/Best Support” treatment for children with ADHD. Furthermore, the APA has equated neurofeedback with medication in terms of efficacy for resolving ADHD.

Clients who originally experienced sadness, hopelessness, anxiousness, traumatic stress, memory loss, learning disorders and sensory issues, sleeplessness, sound sensitivity, chronic pain, and dependencies have also received benefits. Clients have also expressed they have experienced benefit in many areas they weren’t expecting. Over 90% of our clients reported improvements in their daily lives, saying their expectations were either met or exceeded at The Brain Fitness and Training Center!

5. Question: Does NeurOptimal® work for individuals of any age?
Answer: Yes, NeurOptimal® works for any age. For small children or people with such issues as Asperger’s and Autism, new experiences can be frightening. We work first with just a small session to see how it “feels” to dispel any fear. We’ve found great success working with children adults alike!

6. Question: I see you do Brainwave Training with Pets. How does that work?
The same principles in brainwave training that apply with humans also apply to animals. Animals experience trauma just the way humans do and can end up with disrupted brainwave patterns. These patterns then manifest as various negative behaviors including fear, anxiety, aggression, or overstimulation. NeurOptimal ® works with each brain individually. Therefore, the animal being trained will have the opportunity to receive information about its own brain. Because the system does not require conscious effort to be effective, the animal’s brain will reorganize itself during the sessions to function in a more optimized and pleasant state.

Pets are provided a comfy bed or their owner’s lap for snuggles and cuddles while the training commences. We provide treats to keep your pet sitting still during the session as much as possible and to make the experience enjoyable (you are welcome to bring your own high value treats as well). Most pets enjoy their brain training sessions and look forward to coming to our center.

7. Question: What is the average time commitment?
Answer: The actual time of most sessions is generally 33 minutes, but we suggest scheduling 60 minutes to include time to get settled when you arrive, check in with your technologist about your training, and collect your belongings when your session is over.

8. Question: How many sessions will I need?
Answer:   Everyone’s central nervous system is unique. As a result, it is difficult to predict the exact number of NeurOptimal® sessions you will need. However, using data from thousands of sessions from clients worldwide, it is possible to provide general guidelines or rules of thumb. Click here for more detailed information: https://brainfitness-tc.com/site/neuroptimal-brain-spa-sessions/how-many-sessions/

9. Question: Do the effects of NeurOptimal® training last?
Answer: Training with NeurOptimal® is actually a learning task. You get results because your brain is actively learning, even if you are not doing the learning consciously. This is why it is important to do a package of at least 12-24 sessions initially so that your brain can learn how to engage in its own optimal patterns. Much like reading, once your brain knows how to read, it can’t “un-know”. Your brain doesn’t forget. It may get rusty, but the effects of learning remain throughout your lifetime.

However, your brain is living tissue and you can— and will— get “knocked off” by stress, by chemicals, by alcohol, by an anesthetic, by the difficult daily lives we all seem to live. The wonderful thing is, a few booster sessions will get you back to where you were. As trainers, we see a trained brain quickly utilizing the information NeurOptimal® is offering. It’s as if the brain says “I know what to do with this!” and it goes through all the steps it went through in the weeks of initial training, but very rapidly. So you quickly get back into your good place.
It’s very nice to know if you are going through a more difficult time, you can quickly do a session or two to recover your optimal flow and functioning.

10. Question: Do people experience any negative side effects from NeurOptimal®?
Answer: While there are no actual negative side effects, the brain does go through a process similar to a detoxification effect. People who are not drinking enough water may experience headaches.

Also, if too many sessions are scheduled in succession, the brain could become overwhelmed where it is being pushed too fast to process the information effectively. For this reason we do not schedule sessions too close together. Our technicians will also monitor how you are feeling and how you feel between sessions so that we may provide for you an optimum experience.

11. Question: Will my insurance cover the costs?
Answer: NeurOptimal ® Dynamical Neurofeedback® is considered to be a training process or learning program and is not a medical intervention. For that reason, this technology is not generally covered under most plans. However, more and more insurance companies are considering the advantages of neurofeedback and we encourage you to check with your insurance and HSA plans, as they are always making new considerations.

12. Question: What happens during the actual NeurOptimal® session?
Answer: That’s a very popular question and quite detailed in its answer so we have given this answer its own page. Click here: What To Expect

13. Question: How much will it cost?
Answer: The cost of a NeurOptimal® Brain Spa session is about 1/3 of the cost of similar technologies. We also offer special rates for first time clients and those who commit to packages or memberships. Click here to check out our current pricing: Book An Appointment

14. Question: How do I get started?
Answer: There are multiple ways you can contact us. Click here to access our Contact Page. You may also book an appointment with our online scheduling service. Otherwise, you may call us at 913-954-7007 to set up a time for a free 30 minute phone consultation. We look forward to seeing you!