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What Happens During a Brain Spa Session?



People come for brain training for a variety of reasons.  It is important for us to understand your goals and desired outcomes for training.  Therefore, prior to your session, we will have you fill out some brief questionnaires to obtain baseline information on what is bothering you and how you are feeling before training starts.  You will then be invited to sit in a comfortable, gravity free chair where you can relax, read, knit, meditate, do homework, or even sleep.

The technologist will then attach tiny sensors to your scalp and ears.  These sensors are designed to detect the delicate electrical activity of your brain.  That information will be passed on to the computer.

Brain Spa sessions are non-invasive.  This means that nothing is being done “to” you or your brain.  Rather, the computer is providing information to your brain and your brain is allowed to change its behavior on its own.


Woman-T-1The technologist will provide noise cancelling earphones and a blanket, if needed.  She will begin the program, which will involve listening to especially composed music for the training.

You may notice very brief pauses in the music.  This precise timing of these interruptions will give your brain important information that it needs to reorganize itself to operate in a more optimized fashion.

One of the unique aspects of brain training is that participation is not required.  You don’t have to do anything during the process.  It’s all right to close your eyes, “zone out’, and just let your brain do its job.  Brain Spa sessions are time efficient; they typically run 35-45 minutes.


Once you have completed your session, the technologist will have you record how you are feeling in order to track progress.  Because Brain Spa sessions are non-invasive and do not push the brain in any direction, it is unlikely that you will feel any “side effects” following a session.  Most people find the sessions relaxing with changes and improvements building over time and repeated training.

Any noticeable changes in your mood, awareness, or energy level are highly individualized and can vary from person to person.  See our How Many Sessions Will I Need? for more information.

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