Family Dynamics

Many times when parents come to our office, it is because one member of the family is perceived to be the one struggling.  It may be a child with a learning disability, behavior issue, or special needs.  It might even be a parent struggling with addictions or a mental health diagnosis.  Whatever the case may be, many families want this one person to be “fixed”, believing that the “fix” will solve all problems and issues.

Empower every member of your family.

However, as brain training professionals, we have learned that things are often more complicated than a one person issue.  Often, the stresses of one family member’s challenges take their toll on those around them.  Brainwave imbalance occurs in everyone, so that no one is functioning at their optimum level.

Show everyone a new way of being:

In these types of situations, brain training for all family members is ideal.  Each individual is able to release negative patterns and behaviors that held them back.  The family then comes together as a happier, more positive, and more loving unit than ever before.  The gains made by each individual exponentially affects the group as a whole for the better.

Special family pricing is available.


For this reason, we highly encourage parents of children coming in for brain training to experience brain training themselves.

To support families through this process, we offer special pricing plans for NeurOptimal ® Brain Spa sessions for families who purchase packages for two or more individuals together.

We would love to talk with you further about this option.  Please contact our office to learn more.

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