How It Works

Although our NeurOptimal® Brain Spa session technology relies on highly advanced knowledge of computers and human brain function, the process is simple, straightforward, holistic and effective.

Dynamical Neurofeedback™ : How It Works

Sensors are placed on the head, and brainwave activity is sent to a computer. Your brainwaves are translated to sound, and played back with music. Your brain recognizes its disrupted activity, recalibrates itself, and the activity becomes functional.

The brain is the control center for our entire body.
It controls every cell, organ, and system, including the entire autonomic nervous system. How balanced and flexible our brain activity is determines how well we reactions to stress in our lives.

Traumas – both emotional and physical – can reduce brain flexibility

Physical and emotional traumas (both real and perceived threats) can disrupt the electrical activity within the brain (brainwaves) that allow the neurons to communicate with each other. This disruption can reduce the efficient and effective function of the brain. Often, these disruptions are experienced as a variety of ailments.

Most of us experience physical or emotional traumas throughout our lives which cause changes in how our brains receive and respond to information from the outside world. (Trauma can be as simple as getting hit in the head on the playground or working in a stressful environment.) Over time, these changes can affect our ability to think clearly, get a good night’s sleep, or feel happy and content.

The ways we behave are often our body’s way of working to balance brainwaves that are out of sync.

Our brain wants to feel good and be in balance. A happy and well adjusted brain is poised for survival and success. However, imbalances can cause us to seek out unhealthy ways of creating a false sense of balance. Behaviors like alcohol use, emotional eating, drama seeking, worrying, raging, shopping and so forth are now understood as survival mechanisms, not as moral failings. Bringing the brain back into balance through brainwave training often will result in a reduction or cessation of these types of behaviors.

Rigid Brain vs. Flexible Brain

When brainwave activity is in turbulence, the brain has difficulty regulating sleep, attention, mood and stress management. These issues negatively impact all aspects of daily life, including performance at work or school, health and wellness, and professional or personal relationships.

Brains that are more flexible adapt and respond quicker and more appropriately to changes in the environment. Clients who participate in brainwave training report they feel better during their day, no matter what happens. Stress is reduced, solutions to problems appear, and life becomes more relaxed and joyful.

Through sensors placed on the scalp, our computerized technology receives information about your brainwave activity. This activity is translated into sound and played back to you through headphones. When your brain hears this information about itself that it cannot receive from anywhere else, it gains awareness of how it is behaving. This awareness allows the brain to correct unhealthy activity on its own. The result for many people is improved sleep, focus, memory, and mood. Over time and repeated sessions, clients find they are better able to manage stress, they do not spend time worrying, they are happier, and more at peace in their daily lives.

Mindfulness practice and meditation are now known to be highly effective in improving decision making and overall quality of life. NeurOptimal® Brain Spa sessions takes this type of training a step beyond to achieve deep relaxation and highly controlled self-regulation.

The brain hears information about itself and is able to improve on its own. When the brain’s activity level is balanced and flexible, the brain can begin working in an integrated fashion. It becomes free of internal conflict between its regions and is no longer “fighting against itself” in order to perform. Each area of the brain is active as it needs to be for the type of activity the individual is engaged in. Further, each region of the brain works smoothly and efficiently with the activity of the other areas, to fully support effectiveness of the person.