Group Training

Brainwave imbalances have their roots in trauma. Unfortunately, trauma of one form or another is an unavoidable part of life. Recent studies also indicate that when we are traumatized, we unintentionally end up traumatizing the other people around us (thus the saying “Trauma begets trauma”).

Trauma patterns can actually be seen in brain scans. These patterns don’t just show up in families, but can be seen across the globe. The patterns are similar for people who live in the same geographic locations where major catastrophic events have occurred. There is also evidence to suggest that the traumas we experience are then passed on to our children. This can occur in our interactions with them and even through changes in our DNA, which are then passed on to future generations.

The only way to change the world is to change ourselves.

When we change our brain, we change how we respond to others. This has a ripple effect on those around us. When groups of people change, the ripple effect reaches a larger audience. When the people in our family, office, or community operate from a balanced perspective, everything runs more smoothly and joyfully.

To support this process for dynamic change, our office provides special training packages for both families and corporations.